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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeTue Nov 19, 2013 1:07 am

✒ No god modding
unrealistic, god-like powers
Example: "He walked on water"
Exception: power is approved of for RP

✒ No overpowering
luck and convenience
Example: Living through something that should have killed you
Exception: If for the sake of the plot

✒ No metagaming
character knowledge of OOC information
Example: hiding from a spy so your character is safe

overhearing whispers, "under breath"
Exception: If physically close 

✒ No mixing IC and OOC
attacks IC because of OCC conflict and vice versa
Example: Taking offense because a character doesn't like yours

✒ Do not auto
actions disallowing reactions
Example: successfully stabbing someone and getting away freely
Exception: If plotted or you are the host of an RP

✒ Do not powerplay
operating a character without other RPer's consent
Example: "The two hugged each other"

✒ No Mary-Sues!
A character...
with no flaws, meant to be loved by all
based off of yourself but without flaws
who is over-powered

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